to load dishes into the dishwasher
to wipe the table
to clean the sink
to sweep the floor
to wash the floor
to empty the dishwasher
to put dishes into cupboards

             in the bedroom
to tidy up the room
to make the bed
to vacuum the floor
to dust furniture

         in the laundry room
to put clothes in the washing machine
to put clothes in the dryer
to fold clothes
to put away clothes

  in the garden
to water plants
to rake leaves

make the bed
hacer la cama
to vacuum
pasar la aspiradora
do the dusting
limpiar el polvo
wash the car
lavar el coche
take the rubbish out
sacar la basura
clean the windows
limpiar los cristales
do the washing-up
fregar los platos
mop the floor
fregar el suelo
water the plants
regar las plantas
do the washing
lavar la ropa
to lay the table
poner la mesa
to clean up the table
quitar la mesa
to iron
do the shopping
hacer la compra
to polish the shoes
limpiar los zapatos
to change the sheets
cambiar las sábanas
feed the pets
dar de comer a las mascotas
walk the dog
pasear al perro
clean the bathroom
limpiar el cuarto de baño