1. He (write) his homework last Sunday.
2. Mary (not go) to school last week.
3. you (play) basketball two weeks ago?
4. I (study) French last year.
5. They (buy) a new flat last month.
6. John (take) his driving test yesterday but he (not pass) it.
7. Tim (go) to Paris last summer.
8. your parents (meet) at university?
9. When I (be) a child, I (speak) German.
10. We (see) him yesterday but he (not see) us.

Completa cada frase con el verbo indicado en el pasado simple:

Principio del formulario
1. Yesterday I basketball for three hours. (to play)

2. I in Chicago for three years.(to live)

3. My cousin to buy a new jacket. (to want)

4. I to learn Swedish, but it was too difficult for me. (to try)

5. Linda reading that book in two days. (to finish)

6. My brother a book from my father. (to borrow)

7. I meeting your parents. (to enjoy)

8. My sister her hand while she was cooking. (to burn)

9. The workers the door. (to close)

10. I my room last night. (to clean)
Final del formulario

1. Dan (leave) very early today.
2. Sam and Sue (buy) a new house last month.
3. I (visit) Germany the previous week.
4. You (play) very well.
5. They (find) this book on their trip to Italy.
6. I (bake) this cake by myself.
7. We (open) the store in 1987.
8. The rain finally (stop), and we (go) home.
9. She (plan) to come, but she (have) some problems.
10. Kate (have) a big house, but she (sell) it.
11. Rose (be) very thin.
12. You (be) at work yesterday morning.
13. We (think) New York was in England!
14. They (bring) this from their trip.
15. She always (dance) in the summer