A sofa is  than a chair.
2. Travelling by plane is  than travelling by train.

3. The Volga is  river in Europe.
4. This is  novel I have ever read.
5. The circus is  than the cinema.
6. Lead is  than aluminium.
7. Dogs are  than cats.
8. The Ritz is one of  hotels in the world.
9. A Jeep is  than a Mini.
10. A path is  than a road.

. This computer is (new)  than your computer. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
2. Lisa is (old)  than George. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
3. George is (young)  than Lisa. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
4. Lucy is (young)  in the class. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
5. That car is (expensive)  than this car. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
6. That car is (expensive)  in the market. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
7. Your car is (fast)  than this car. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
8. Your car is (fast)  in the race. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
9. This house is (big)  than my house! http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif
10. This house is (big)  in the neighbourhood. http://www.saberingles.com.ar/images/blank.gif